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Order Procedure

1. Place the order over the Internet.

2. On at least the first hire the delivery address must be the same address as the address the payment card is registered to.

3. The cardholder must be 18 years or over.

4. The cardholder will have to provide us with certain paperwork before the goods are dispatched. The paperwork required is explained on the order confirmation email you will receive once the order has been placed.  The paperwork would have to be supplied at the very latest by 1pm on the day of dispatch, to enable it to be processed and verified by the accounts team.

5.You have the option to take out our insurance option, there will be an excess amount which we will take 7 days before the hire start date, this will be fully refunded upon safe return of the goods


  You can choose to opt for deposit which is usually a larger sum than the insurance excess, this is taken 7 days before the first hire day, this is fully refundable on the safe return of the goods. If the equipments worth is over £5000 then we do require proof of your own insurance that states that it covers hired in equipment. 

6. Two phone numbers will need to be provided, one mobile and one landline.

7. Once paid an order confirmation will be e-mailed to you.

8. You will be contacted by phone  to go through some details before we will allow the equipment to be dispatched.

9 .On the day before delivery you will receive a phone call from the Dispatch team and a shipment-dispatched e-mail.

10. Delivery is by 12 on the working day before hire, unless there is a problem or otherwise advised.

11. If there were to be any problems with delivery, the back up plan would be to have the goods with you by 10am on the next working day (usually your first hire day).

12. If the goods were found to have a problem on the delivery day the back up plan would be to have replacement goods with you by 10am the next working day. 

Return Procedure

1. You will receive a ‘Return Reminder’ e-mail the day before your goods are due to be picked up. Pick up is an ALL DAY PICK UP; this can be from a different address to the delivery address.

2. Once the goods have arrived back to us you will receive an e-mail ‘Order Return Confirmation’ attached to this is a survey. If for some reason there is a hold up in the goods arriving back to us, unfortunately you will keep on getting the automated e-mail 'Return Reminder'. 

3. Once the goods have been unpacked and checked, you will receive your final e-mail ‘Refund Confirmation’ stating your deposit/insurance excess has been processed. The refund can take 3-5 working days to show back in your account. 

4. If there are missing/broken items on the return of the goods, your deposit/excess will be held until the goods have been returned or we have charged you accordingly. You have two days to return any missing items after this the costs of replacing the item will be deducted from your deposit/excess automatically along with a £15 administration fee. 

How the hire charge is calculated

Any length of hire period is available from 1 day to 1 month (longer periods are available on request). You can choose any piece of equipment you require (or indeed a combination of multiple pieces), the only stipulation being that my minimum hire charge (including VAT) is £150. Charges are as shown on the site – for periods in between those quoted, we will calculate a pro-rata fee. For customers using equipment on a Friday or Monday (and thus having it either delivered or collected the other side of the weekend), a weekend hire charge will apply for that 3 day hire.

We always aim to deliver by 12pm the working day before you want to use your equipment. That way, we have plenty of time to resolve any problems such as a mis-sort or a failed delivery. On the rare occasion this happens, we will arrange for the equipment to be with you by 10am the following working day. Please note that if you are using the equipment before 10am on the hire day, it is advisable to hire a day earlier to prevent any issues.  Please do feel free to discuss this with us if you have any queries.

Collection takes place the working day after your hire period has ended.

Please note that the two dates we will always use are your delivery date and collection date. These will usually be a working day either side of your hire requirements for the above reasons but you are NOT charged for these days. 


Extension of hire

If you need to extend your hire period, please call us as soon as possible. Assuming that the equipment has not been booked, we will happily extend your booking. The additional charge made will be the balance of the outstanding hire period. So, if you originally hired for a week and wish to extend by another week, you will be charged the difference between our 1 week and 2 week rates NOT another 1 week rate. Much as if you had booked it for two weeks initially – much cheaper that way!


Early return of equipment

You are more than welcome to return the equipment early. Just contact us and we can arrange collection. Understandably, as the equipment was booked out, we cannot offer an automatic refund of the remaining hire period. However, if part or all of the equipment subsequently gets booked out, we will happily refund whatever part of your remaining hire is covered by this booking. 


Cancellation of orders

If you are a consumer (i.e not a registered business – either Limited or Partnership), you have up to 14 working days in which to submit written notice of cancellation (this is enforced under the Distance Selling Regulations). Any fee taken will be refunded. Please note that if you have accepted delivery of the equipment, by doing so you have agreed to payment of the charges for that equipment.

If you want to cancel the order after 14 working days of placing it (or you are not a consumer), we will charge our reservation admin fee (currently £25). If cancellation is less than two complete working days before dispatch, a cancellation fee will be charged, equal to half of the hire charge. Any cancellations less than one complete working day before dispatch of the equipment will incur a cancellation fee equal to the full hire charge.


Bank Holidays

The May and August Bank Holiday weekends are treated as normal weekends, giving you an extra day for free. The Easter weekend is also charged at the normal weekend rate – with all deliveries on Thursday and collection on Tuesday, you will receive two free days.

Each Christmas we announce an offer, dependent on how the dates fall – please keep an eye on announcements!


Taking equipment outside of the UK

You are more than welcome to take the equipment out of the UK. We will require proof of return. Please ensure that you have adequate insurance cover for doing so.  If you are taking our insurance option, please ensure that you have read Aaduki's Terms and Conditions regarding travelling abroad. 


What you get with the equipment

Normally all camera equipment will be delivered with two fully charged batteries (usually high power versions), all connection cables, charger or AC adaptor, manuals and software.  Nearly all lenses will be supplied with UV filters.  You can find out what we provide for each individual model by clicking on the 'Included' tab on the product description page on our website.


Rental Conditions


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